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Thank you. Reply Quote 3 1 Reply Last reply. I got what looks to be a targeted offer for an Amazon gift card.

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Enjoy your movie night! Reply Quote 0 M. But there most probably will be. I will save my codes for more bang for the code. Bracket refresh is back again for I got my Amazon reward today for entering 25 codes. Check your e-mail for the GC. Reply Quote 1 X. Reply Quote 0 W. Lots of jumping through hoops? Below is a copy of my chat with coke. Will T: Hi! How can I assist you today? Will T: Sure, How can I assist you? You: Who are the retailers in southern CA?

Will T: I would be happy to assist you! That is very BAD. Will T: I am sorry for any frustration this may have caused and will be happy to share your comments with our management team. Is there anything else I can assist you with today? Will T: Once this chat session has ended you will receive an email with the reference number for this chat session to the email address used.

You: Great. Thanks for chatting with Coke. Have a great day! You: That is all for now.

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Reply Quote 0 2 Replies Last reply. Reply Quote 0 L. People on SD are wondering too. Step 1: Enter 5 participating Coca-Cola product codes to earn a complimentary large drink. Step 2: Enter 7 more participating codes for a large popcorn. Step 3: Enter 10 more participating codes for a movie ticket. Reply Quote 2 2 Replies Last reply. Coca-Cola Summer instant win contest is up. Many instant win prizes with a few grand prizes. Terms and Conditions Hi! COM Quench your thirst with ice-cold refreshment.

Reply Quote 1 D. Anyone figure out what this was for? I never received anything.

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The amazon gift code was sent by email. Reply Quote 1 L. Loading More Posts Posts. Reply Reply as topic. Read our disclosure here.

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Checkout this great offer for My Coke Rewards members. This is a reminder that the current My Coke Rewards program will be ending soon! If youve got any codes from 12 packs, bottles or other products you need to get them entered by I must add to this hall of shame. Also haunt the machine at work for refill day. I only save the points from boxes I find in the garbage or friends give me. They would make just as much money on there sugar caffeine addicted product either way. How can you curse them for giving something back to the community by letting the people that drink the product save points up and get things from the points.

I say coke rewards is a win win situation for people that like the product because they already are drinking something they like and then if they save the points they get a free item as well. Sorry, Art, but for potential liability concerns, I had to remove your address from this comment. What a idiot!

We use our Coke rewards to get movies on a rent one get one free! We drink Coke and have friends that drink Coke give us their codes so it really saves us a lot of money! Now my Legion is helping ,me so I think while your story is funny you miss the point completely. The program is a complete rip off.

I started about 1. Now that I reached points after spending over I stopped drinking soda and now drink apple juice. Last month I went to claim my prize and now I see you have to have points for the same Nike prize. I wrote a letter to Coke and they said due to market conditions Coke has the right to change the program.

You know what I made more money on the recycle fee I received for the plastic bottles than their stupid rip off program. It does take a long time to collect over points. My advise is do not waste your time with this totally stupid program. Coke wake up and treat your customers with respect. I love CR. Every Sunday morning I fill up for the week.

I wait till I get at least a thousand points. Then I go shopping for free. You cant go wrong with free shipping to boot. If what your saving for is OOS just keep saving up. Most of the time they restock. I wanted to get the spice rack for my wife, and by the time I got the points for it, the thing was OOS. It came back 3 weeks later and I ordered it. I never told my wife it was back in stock.

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What a grand surprise she got to come home from work and see the box on the counter. We had a nice night that evening, if you know what I mean : Thanks CR. Every December, Coke Rewards runs a bunch of specials. The one I always stock up for is the coupon for free 12packs for 30 points. Last December, I received 40 coupons for free 12 packs.

As the emcee for a corporate meeting,I once made the announcement that I was a Coke Rewards saver. I still get intercompany mail envelopes with caps and carton ends from loving co-workers-haha.

Why Coke Rewards Are For Suckers – Len Penzo dot Com

And how about bike rides in the early AM of recycling day? I get the 12 packs for points or magazines.. Those are the things I want. What I do is collect bottles for donations.

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I keep the caps, but give the bottle money to a good cause. So I was wondering if you could say still why this is not good.

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  • I only got 40 one time, the other value that can be obtained. I sometimes find them when I go around looking for cans. MCR is hardly on my radar. I just wish I knew how long it was til they dock points for inactivity!