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You're free to take anything from there. But then, don't take anything, it's for all of us to eat. I nodded and went to take any foods I found.

My belly is really empty. One dish wasn't enough for me. At the fridge, I took a bread and re-heated it. Guys, i want to tell you something. Only one? Just see it For the first and easy, you can play with bots. But if you don't want play bots, you can play Gun deathmatch at Industry 2 for easier and keep fun.

I'm become a pro headshoter because i do like i said.

Engineering at Traveloka

This pro sniper skill is not owned by all people. Some people are noob in sniper like my brother and Fabregas don't angry. And the pro i ever seen in this wikia is H3nk0y. If you want to learn it, ask him. If i already learn it, i will tell it to you guys! If you want learn it early, ask Uzuan. His name is Naufal Akita. He's telling a story, story of his journey to became a soldier, like his father. Now, I'm about to enter the th Special Mission Battalions training camp and meet my trainer. I wasn't alone.

There are Shinobu, my childhood friend, and my sister, Zalfa. Well, this isn't be good, because these girls, won't be keeping up, or just so I think. The guards ordered us to stay in a room. When we enter, no one was there. Only three of us. My Friend I need to create a zombie screnario pursuit we are discuss many where on how to make a good game level and has good exp in game. But now problem come out the map about is we cannot create box you will get money in their box. Things getting worse since the rumor of game account hacking. It says the suspect of hacker was Brazillian, however not only that Brazillian who did the hacking action.

The victims and???

Not the victim try to stop those hackers once and for all. Since I heard that news, I couldn't feel anything, can't really happy, keep thinking about the people try to stop that hackers and not sure about that. Because, so far only few people who could stop the violation or crime right now.

I hope they could stop that hackers bastard. This mean I must find another Clan soon for moving from that…. Oranggila,Orangbiadab,Orangsolo,Orangutan,that make it worst and worst" said me with mumble. I would like to put cash in the cso SG through the Japan without using credit card, someone tell me how this would be possible? Hey everybody , I want to play with someone on this wiki.

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I play cso indonesia so iwant to play with someone also playing the same version. I want to ask all of you something. Balrog-7 or Skull-7 stronger?? Balrog-7 can make explosion while keep firing. Skull-7 double damage to zombies. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Testing, testing, one two three. June 16, by UserU. Testing blog post. About Skull Series May 30, by Adnankhairi.

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According to all, where is the best and the Deadliest Skull series do you like? About me April 12, by Dragonfufu. Hey everybody, my name is dragonfufu. Memes for chat April 12, by NoCheat.

March 3, by E4Grimsley. Nata Knife player often use Fernando as their character due to his Holy Bomb which can cause massive damage. CSO Indonesia noob is much more many than any other region. Trio Pokemon Trainers are challenging the other brawlers , to show their truly trained skills.

Need help editing!!! January 29, by Salahuddin Yuri Cosplay January 28, by Nana Aoi Not Bad comic, bahasa indonesia January 6, by Orangbiasa.

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Lame comic bahasa indonesia January 5, by Orangbiasa. Who Has Purple medal or red medal? X mas present for user who need to improve your sniper skill December 21, by H3nk0y. Hi,im back with the useless blog After learned the head shot skill with it 1 hit KO , im started learn to shot while moving. After leaned the moving skill, im changed to use the M24 you can get it via Lost City if you have no cash like me The M24 shot and moving easy and deals high damage.

You need to prepare a good knife skull-9 or Master combat for the battle. How to improve self-skill as a sniper? December 16, by Salahuddin The new Pokemon Movie came out sooner Alright, this has been bugging me for a moment. See the pictures of Thunderbolt, Lightning HZ-1, and many more? No, the weapons are not the problem. I mean, take a look at the user. Yes, the model Nexon used. They are incredibly HQ, and not painted.

And I'm sure of it, it's an mdl. And that's all. Thanks for watching this useless blog post. Fernando is the most used character for Nata Knife player due to his Holy Bomb which does continues damage to zombies by per second. The D3 AUG 1 us the most used weapons by hackers. In CSO China , they change the color of blood to green due to violence may affect the younger when playing. Emoticons list for chat November 17, by Orangbiasa. Indonesian login event November 7, by Orangbiasa. Info about me November 4, by NoCheat. Hi guys! We meet again in my second bolg post.

My second blog post tells about my info. Pertamax Stan NoCheat Kk why people always call me with 'kk' word?