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Windows gave a warning the Hard Drive may fail soon. My step daughter's computer, who knows what she did. I could not get a clear answer as to why, I tried several sets of Restore Disks that I created on the same same computer. So I figured I would try to Mirror the sick drive and was able to get a System Image, which with an external drive, I loaded it as an image to the new Hard Drive and all seem well.

Put in all her pictures, loaded new programs etc. I then went to update, and i could not.

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Big Red X, and Defender was stuck too and would not open. So I figured the image I mirrored is Bad. Maybe it had a virus, so put it back in and running it through Malwarebytes in Safe Mode, still running, so far now infections. I wished I had a Windows 7 disc, so I could do a clean install, but Sony only has the operating system on the drive the computer came with.

I would be happy to just load XP, if I had Discs. Any Ideas? Sony is notorious for using proprietary equipment, and having hidden gotcha's like this. They're also known for having proprietary code built into their restore disks. You may want to either check Sony's site, or give them a call, to see if there was something on the old HD that essentially allowed the restore disks to run. They will not replace the computer saying the computer has not been found to have the same problem more then three times making it eligable to be replaced.

So buyer beware. When I recieved all my other computer parts last week I tried turning on the computer. But when I turned it on, it didn't read the processor so I went to buy a new processor.

But when I went home to try out the new processor, it still didn't work. So I went and returned the new one. And when i went to return the defective motherboard they gave me they gave me another used one. So I then tried using that one. It didn't work, so I then decided to exchange the used processor too. After that I lent my computer to my mechanic to test it out. So the conclusion to all this is that Fry's has sold me two defective products and exchanged two other defective products to me.

We tried to return a Wii Bundle purchase made the day before at the Fremont store on credit card.

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The sales tax in Fremont is 8. The Concord store would not refund the entire paid amount inclusive of the higher sales tax; said it was their policy not to change sales tax no matter where purchased. Every other store that we've ever purchased from honors full returns and adjusts the sales tax up or down to reflect actual price paid. Is Fry's acting in accordance with the law?

I could not return the item to the local store without loss of funds. Now I have to drive 40 miles further away to return for the actual price paid. Hard Drive crashed 5 mo. Got a call saying they couldn't retrieve the data and sent the unit to Sony. Sony doesn't retrieve data.

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So I wanted a reimbursement on the negative data retrieval results; they refused. Couldn't understand why my extended warranty wouldn't cover it Two years into the contract I had an issue where I tried to plug the AC adapter into the plug receptacle on the computer and it moved back inside the computer.

I tossed a fit and they said they would try and fix it. They had my computer for many months I had a loaner from them during this time. Last week they let me know that my laptop could not be fixed and that I needed to return the loaner. I pleaded my case that the computer was in perfect physical condition, no sign of damage, it needed to be repaired under the warranty. They have you sign warranty or contract while in line, did not explan normal wear and tear when signing and they pressure you to sign while customers waiting in line; also did not point out arbitration provision either.

I went in to Frys in Washington state to buy my son a laptop. Immediatly I was in a bait and switch situation. They no longer had the great deal laptop in stock but still had the sale sign up with a demo model which didnt work. Ho, the salesmen immediatly said for another I told the store manager I wont be treated this way and walked out. After I cooled off I returned to Frys with a new understanding and a savey wit about me. I selected a diffreant computer and when the salesman brought it out I read the label on the accual box very carefully. In fine print the label stated this computer is a refurbished one.

This was not stated on ther sale sign in store or of course told to me. Needless to say, I was again being scammed on.

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I told the manager this is BS and he said he would take care of me. He furnished me with a laptop that was more money but had a At the check out line the cashier told me this warrenty is in fact Twice as much. I walked out of the store and will never buy from them. Many people may be scammed by them and never know it.

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  8. Took two working computers to the service department. One was to be taken out of the tower it was in and installed into a new tower. The other computer was going to get diagnostics run to find out why the tower usb ports were not working.

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    Bringing it in on a Friday we were told it would be around Wed. When I spoke to a service person they told me they had not started it yet, but that they would tomorrow. I went into the store on Friday to see what was going on and find the truth out. For the first few days, they had no idea where my computers were, and the tower that I bought was gone so they had to pull a new one off the shelf. Angry I left after they told me they would be done the next day. When I returned the next day or two to pick up both computers I find that they put the wrong computer in the new tower and ran diagnostic on the other, and that somehow after loosing the machines the one that was going to be transferred now has a broken motherboard, graphics card, hard drive.

    And the computer they wrongly took apart and transferred now has a broken motherboard also. While before I took both computers there they worked. I now have to come up with the money to pay for 2 motherboards, 2 graphics cards, 2 hard drives, new processors. Pretty much 2 new computers because of their errors and neglegence. I bought a television to give to a charity. Fry's personnel packed it in my car. I drove to Eugene from Wilsonville. I took the TV out with help from four people. I opened the box and the screen had a large crack in it.

    Fry's would not take the TV back.

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    In fact they refused to even accept the TV. They were rude to me, my secretary, my wife. I also had to buy another TV for the Auction. They have lost my Sony notebook.