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When the transfer to your new network is actually happening, your service will be down for a very short period. To test when the transfer has been done, simply insert your new SIM in the phone and restart it.

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If you've got a service, you're good to go. Good news. If you're worried that your SIM and the contacts, text messages and other personal information you've stored on it could fall into the wrong hands, you'll need to dispose of it carefully.

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Just as you would with an old credit card, the safest thing to do is take the SIM and use scissors to cut it up. While you're doing so, ensure you damage the gold foil so you make absolutely certain there's no way anyone can retrieve your personal information. Whether you want to sign up for one-month rolling SIM only contact or month SIM only contract with a new network, you'll have to pass credit check.

For pay monthly, rolling contracts, the credit check isn't as stringent as for 12 months. So if you've been rejected for a month contract before, there's no reason to believe you won't be accepted. But if you fail your credit check, that doesn't mean you can't get a good SIM only deal. Pay as you go deals with some networks now offer monthly allowances that aren't much less generous than SIM only contracts. The only major difference is that you'll have to remember to top up to ensure you've got credit.

Compare SIM only deals that don't require a credit check.

Best SIM-only deals UK this October: Scorching hot SIM-only tariffs from top network providers

Being accepted for month SIM only deal can indeed improve your credit rating. That's because you're entering a contract and committing to paying for your monthly allowances on time every month. By keeping your part of the bargain, you're showing potential lenders that you're trustworthy and a good bet for credit.

But be wary. If you miss your monthly payments, you risk damaging your credit score.

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If you think that making your payments might be a problem, it's probably wise to opt for a one-month SIM only deal, which will leave you free to cancel or downgrade your contract if money is tight. Although the likes of giffgaff and the people's operator aren't as instantly recognisable as high-street names such as Three , EE and Tesco Mobile , they're brands you can trust. You'll also find that there's no difference in call quality and mobile internet coverage with smaller providers.

That's because their service is based on larger providers' network infrastructure, which these smaller networks pay a fee to use. Where you may find a difference compared with the larger networks is in customer support, however. In order to keep prices low, some smaller networks don't operate a call centre and offer online support only. If you choose smaller networks you also shouldn't expect enticing customer incentives, such as O2's Freebies or movie downloads with EE.

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But you may decide that you don't want or need those and that a good service and cheap rates are your priority. Filter by:. Sorted by Promoted deals. Show 6 more. Monthly cost. Only show 5G deals. Contract length. No contract. Unlimited texts. Sponsored By. Change or cancel your plan anytime. Can't find what you're looking for?

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Should I switch to a SIM-only deal? Should I go for a short-term or long-term SIM deal?

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Can I keep my current telephone number? How reliable are the smaller, less well-known networks? What kind of SIM card do I need? I'm ready to switch networks. Get deal. Compare contract SIM-only deals. Unlimited 4G data Unlimited minutes Unlimited texts. Compare 30 day SIM-only deals. Compare more unlimited and big data SIM deals. Compare data-only SIM deals. Compare all SIM Only deals. How to keep your phone number. How to switch your mobile plan. Sim only need-to-knows 1.

M obile 'text-to-switch' rules make switching simpler 2. How do I choose the right allowance? How do I unlock my phone? Check signal strength 5. Try haggling a better deal 6. Prices can rise with inflation 7. You could make extra savings with cashback deal s. Happy with your phone or able to buy a new one upfront?

Sim only is a good bet. Concerned about a credit check or want close control over bill? Looking for 5G deals? What is a Sim only deal? Sim only need-to-knows Here are the key points to understand when looking for a Sim only contract. Mobile 'text-to-switch' rules make switching and keeping your number far simpler. Here's how to switch providers and keep your number : Request a switching code by text. To get a new number, text 'STAC' to You need to give the switching code to your new provider within 30 days. You won't need to contact your old provider again.

I've got my PAC, what do I do now? It's a different process if you're swapping within the same provider. Ensure you choose the correct data allowance — only pay for what you need.

It's not the most user-friendly site, but it gives a detailed bill analysis. You'll need an unlocked phone — it's usually free to get it done. Happy with your provider? Try haggling for a better deal. Prices can rise with inflation each year. You could make extra savings with some cashback deals — though be warned There are three types of cashback available, and they all work differently: Redemption cashback.

The biggest discounts are on 'cashback redemption' deals through mobile reseller sites. These require you to send off your bills at several points throughout your contract and get paid in instalments — miss one and you'll lose out. Automatic cashback. These deals, also via resellers, are where you're sent a cheque automatically within a few months without having to claim, though usually they don't offer as big a discount. Some deals can also offer part manual, part automatic cashback. Cashback via cashback sites. It's possible sometimes to beat the deals below with some powerhouse offers via dedicated cashback websites.

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However, don't think of this type of cashback as guaranteed — there are often problems. Best Sim only deals — up to 3GB of data If you're usually connected to Wi-Fi everywhere you go, these are our top picks of the best Sim only deals with enough 4G data for everyday on-the-go use. Key info.